Who Should Get Chiropractic Treatment?


Subluxations occur when the spine is misaligned. They result in some form of nerve interference. Sometimes, pain indicates that subluxation is present. However, in many instances, subluxations do not present any symptom. Like a tooth decay that does not cause ache until the enamel is damaged, subluxations are often painless. They will often lead to painful conditions later on, if left uncorrected.

Everyone has been subluxated on various separate occasions. Factors such as sports injuries, vehicular accidents, poor posture, and awkward sleeping positionsall cause subluxations. Children, with their playful and restless ways, can also easily experience subluxation. And even infants who undergo natural childbirth process are prone to subluxations.

It is a health tragedy when people who are sick, living on painkilling medicines and other drugs, facing surgery, fatigued and ill, suffering and dying have not known, let alone, tried the healing effect of chiropractic care. It is unfortunate that they are unable to get the necessary help they badly need, when most of the time, help is just around the corner.

Chiropractic Care: What it Does

Chiropractic care focuses on removing the nerve interference through vertebral adjustments. Spinal nerves travel through the spine and when the spine does not bend or flex properly, the nerve path will be affected also. Through spinal adjustments, chiropractors help in the restoration of proper nerve flow by restoring motion to the spine. The spine must be so adjusted to give way so that the nerves do not experience pressure. 33 spinal nerves need to pass through and exit the spinal column along with its associated muscles, ligaments, fascia, fat and other structures without encountering any external pressure. Otherwise, whatever those nerves intend to innervate will not function properly. By simply not receiving the complete information that nerves supply, the organ or part of the body will suffer and dysfunctions and disease will arise.

The nervous system has a very close association to the immune system and its maintenance. An optimally working nervous system allows an individual to be in the best position to fight off sickness and infections. The nervous system prioritizes the immune system and lets it work at its top efficiency.

The spinal nerves do not just control the immune system and its function, but everything you do, either consciously or unconsciously. The nerves that control the legs are the same nerves that control bladder and bowel function, reproductive sensation and intestinal motility. The nerves controlling the muscles responsible for the extension in the mid-back are the same nerves that also innervate the heart and lungs. It is therefore possible for a pinched nerve condition in the mid-back to also interfere with stomach, lung or adrenal function. The nerves do not just make us feel and move things. All messages from the brain going to the body, including voluntary movements and reflexes run through the spine by way of the nervous system.

Who Needs Chiropractic Care?

There are so many cases of patients going for chiropractic care for different symptoms experience relief not only for the conditions they came in for, but for some other symptoms they may not have even told the chiropractor about. Though the most common symptoms patients come to chiropractic clinics for are back pain, neck pain, migraines, sciatica, tension headaches and all types of headaches and leg injuries, it is not unusual for patients with symptoms that are not seemingly musculoskeletal in nature go in for chiropractic care. These people have either known the positive effects of chiropractic care for similar conditions from others or they truly believe in the body’s innate natural healing capability brought about by a healthy spine. So who needs chiropractic care? The answer is everybody. Whether you are in pain or not, with a health condition or apparently physically healthy, chiropractic care will reawaken and unleash your body’s inherent potential healing power for an even healthier life.