First Aid for Burns


It is very often that our little kids suffer minor burns and it is appalling that many of us are still ignorant on what we can do whenever it happens. Before embarking on the discussion on the things we can do to address these kinds of injuries, it is vital that we first identify the different degrees of burns so as to know what kind of treatment we are going to employ should the need arises.

Burns of the first degree are those that only affect the outer layer of the skin. These kinds of burns are characterized by redness and slight pain but with no blistering.


Second degree burns are more serious, they affect deeper layers of the skin than the first degree burns. They will involve blistering of the skin and its burn is actually moist as compared to the dryness of the first degree burn. It is also more painful.

Third degree burns are those burns that penetrate all the layers of the skin. This is a very severe kind of burning that will require hospitalization. In this case, the skin will be charred and would feel leathery if touched, the burned are would noticeably be white in color and the burnt area may feel numb since the nerve endings are destroyed.


Fourth degree burns are those that penetrate up to the muscles and bones these kinds of burns are the rarest of them all.


When a person is burnt, be sure to cool down the burn by placing it under cool and running water. In between washing it under the running water you can also apply to it a cloth dipped in chilled water however, do not apply ice on the burnt skin because it will increase the pain. Keep it under cool, running water until the pain somehow diminishes.


Immediately remove the clothing from the burned wound, if it is stuck to the wound as in second and third degree burns leave it be. If a chemical caused the burn, remove the clothing while under running water, to prevent it from spreading.

Be sure not to break any of the blisters that may have formed in the burnt area leave the matter to the experts and the doctors.


After cooling down the burnt area for fifteen minutes you may then apply the proper ointment for burns, then cover it with a sterile gauze.

If the eyes are the burnt part, then flush them continuously with water and call a doctor immediately. If the victim is wearing contact lenses, remove them.